Introducing Interactive Token & 3D Presentation beyond Multi-Touch

PQ Labs "Smart Crystal" is a physical token to represent digital contents and menus interactively. Each Smart Crystal can have different colors and can emit dynamic light effects synchronized with its status, mood, backgroud music, etc. A user can use Smart Crystals to tag 256 different content & IDs.

Combined with our new 3D Presentation technology, users can convert any existing PowerPoint into 3D presentation using just one-click. iPhone, iPad, Android devices are also supported to beam your PPT files wirelessly onto your Touch Wall / Touch Monitor for instant 3D Presentations.

This new PQ Labs technology can add significantly more value to your Touch Wall / Touch Monitor system. More innovations to WOW your audience in 2016 - Only from PQ Labs.

Token Like a Magic Crystal

• The New Cool Gadget on your touch screen.

• Attract audiences' attention

• Signs of high-end corporate identity

• Cutting-edge for brand building and product promotion

3D Presentation Starter

• One token for an exclusive 3D presentation

• Turn any of your PPT into 3D without programming

• Easy switch between 3D PPT and 3D models

• Present in a vivid and attractive way

Interact with Multi-Touch & Increase Your Sales

• Great add-on product with PQ Labs overlay

• Menu around the token to navigate presentation

• Control content using Multi-Touch, view 3D model details via flip, touch, zoom and rotate