TablerTV 70" M3 for VIZIO M702i-B3


TablerTV 70" M3 for VIZIO M702i-B3

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TablerTV 70-Inch Touch Screen for VIZIO E701i-A3 magically transforms your TV into a large touch interactive device. Its slim design fits seamlessly on your VIZIO TV and convert it into a huge touch screen tablet for entertainment, digital signage and presentations. The specially designed TV stand (optional) provides firm support to the display when the screen is being touched. The iStick mini computer (optional) with fast 2D / 3D acceleration can deliver endless digital content for digital signage and conference presentations.


Easy Setup

Unbox the package Setup & Secure it in Less Than 1 minute Enjoy Interaction

Thanks to the smart & slim design of TablerTV, you can get your touch screen integrated easily in one minute. The slim and stylish frame fits tight and nicely with the exact dimension of the chosen display model to form an elegant unibody-like look and feel. The secure lock is perfectly engineered to be invisible from a user's position. A tempered glass is securely embedded inside the frame to protect the LCD screen. (There is no need to apply any double-sided tape on glass for fastening. This allows the frame to be detached from the display at any time you want without leaving any residue on the display.)

Compatible TV / Display

This model of 70-Inch TablerTV touchscreen is designed to be compatible with VIZIO M702i–B3. You can find it in your local store or order it online as listed below:

Compatible Display Model Countries Where to Buy Lowest Price
VIZIO M702i–B3 United States   $1,612.99 in Amazon
TV Features (VIZIO M702i–B3)
SlimSlim bezel, elegant appearance 120HzHigh refresh rates, more comfortable for the human eyes.
PopularPopular model with reasonable price

Enlarged Tablet Experience

TablerTV delivers iPad experience to an ultra-large touch screen. With it, an impressive business presentation is given with touch and gestures, digital signage becomes magnificent with real time and interactive information, and education becomes more entertaining with various touch apps available. Compared with iPad, the touch area is dozens of times larger, while the price is even lower.

iPad 9.7"Price: $499 - $799

10X iPadIn Display Area

TablerTV 32-Inch Big Savings! Unique Interactive Presentation Experience!

AirScreen Technology

TablerTV together with iStick can provide the most advanced wireless display, wireless touch conference technology called AirScreen. It can deliver your presentation to the large screen over the air in full 1080p resolution. It can be synchronized to support up to 32 users connecting to the large screen simultaneously.

Stand (Optional)

Monitor stands from display vendors are not designed to stabilize the screen when fingers reach screen surface causing the display to shake . These stands are only designed for stationary use. TablerTV provides a special stand (optional) to solve the issue.

Tabler TV Stand:Firm and Stable Other Stand:Quake and Stagger

32", 40", 42", 46", 55", 70", 80", 84", Just Pick the Right Size For Your Display Compatible Display with TablerTV

The following table contains all the compatible displays for TablerTV, which are the most popular sizes for displays. You only need to choose the right size TablerTV to go with your display. Or you can pick a TablerTV first, and then buy a proper display according to the table below.

32 inch

40 inch

42 inch

46 inch

55 inch

70 inch

80 inch

84 inch 4K

32EH5300 Series
NEC V423

Samsung ME46C

Samsung UN46F5000

NEC V463

Samsung ME55C

Samsung 55F6400 Series

NEC V552

VIZIO E701i VIZIO M801d-A3

LG 84LM9600


View TablerTV Spec

Physical Parameters:
Package Includes: Frame, embedded multi-touch overlay and glass(TV/Display not included)
Weight: 41.2 pounds (18.7 kg);
Shipping Weight: 77.2 pounds (35 kg);
Shipping Size: 71.9 x 43.5 x 3.15 inches (1.825 x 1.106 x 0.08 m);
Glass Transparency: ≥92%
Fix Methods: TablerTV Stand(Recommended) or wall mount
Electrical Parameters:
Power Supply: Input AC: 100 – 240 V, 50 -60 Hz
Output: 5V, 4A
Data Transmission: USB 2.0 (Full speed), compatible with USB 1.1 port, HID compliant
USB A type receptacle
Environment: Operating temperature: 32 °F (0 ℃) to 131 °F (55 ℃)
Storage temperature: -13 °F (-25 ℃) to 185 °F (85 ℃)
Operating humidity: 10% to 90% RH, non-condensing
Storage humidity: 10% to 90% RH, non-condensing
Touch Parameters:

Detectable TouchPoints:

2 touch points
6 touch points
32+ touch points
Touch Object: Any object with diameter larger than 0.079 inch (2 mm)
Touch Precision: ±0.079 inch (±2 mm)
Touch Response Time: 7~12ms
Required Touch Strength: Zero pressure required
Touch Resolution: 32768 x 32768
Touch Durability: Unlimited
Touch Protocol: Windows Native Touch (Windows 7&8); TUIO (Mac)
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8, Mac OS X, Linux, Android (iStick only)

•  Free 1 Year Warranty

TablerTV warrants its hardware against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date it is shipped to the customer. In the event a reseller purchases a product from TablerTV and integrates it with a system, the warranty period begins on the original ship date from TablerTV. Warranty is void when failure of the product results from an accident, abuse, misapplication, modification, unauthorized maintenance or repair by the customer. Hazards such as lightning and flooding, as well as neglect of voltage specifications are not covered under warranty.

•  Extend Your Warranty to 3 Years

The price of warranty pack price depends on the value of TablerTV you have purchased.

Click here to purchase 3 Year Warranty Pack, and extend your TablerTV Warranty to 3 years.

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